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PC Repair

Prices start at $40. We come to you. We offer affordable onsite service to your home or business, for those times when you just can't do without a working computer. our certified and trustworthy technicians can be at your residence or business within a couple of hours and revive that pc. No need to struggle with unplugging and lugging that unit in to our shop. we can be there in a flash to save you the trouble.

Computer repair has evolved over the years. There was a time when all you had to concern yourself with was the hardware on a mainframe. From the giant hard drives to the giant floppy disks, computers of old were huge and expensive.

Very few homes had a pc during the early years. They were basically only utilized by businesses. Well, those days are over. Virtually every home in america with electricity has a personal computer. The internet has intellectualized the world. That is a double edged sword because it also adds major complications to everyday life!

Now there are new expenses to be concerned with: Computer repairs!! everything from viruses to screens on laptops, to hard drives, installs and upgrades. Intellectual techs are prepared for the masses who are now proficient computer users!

We also offer packages where we can monitor the computers on a contractual basis. Call today 770-892-1006 or bring your computer in to our shop at 6463 church st, riverdale, ga 30274. You can also reach us via email at